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Build advice - City of Villains
Build advice
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syrusb From: syrusb Date: July 5th, 2011 09:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have a level 50 Rad/Elec Defender; leveling up as a lowbie, I understand the issues you may be facing. I solved many of mine by teaming regularly; for a long time I mostly duoed with a Scrapper, so my damage output wasn't as important.

For a long time I kept this toon's build as a heavy/buff debuffer solely for teams; so many of my attacks were more about -end than damage. After a while I got tired of that, changed things up so I could do decent damage and be an awesome buf/debuffbot.

For the obvious, you do want at least one END RDX in your attacks and toggles. Know that Rad is excellent at being a herder, and use that to your advantage; herd 'em up with RI or EF, defeat as a clump. Also know that once you get into the mid 30s the game changes a little; enemies are more resistant and have more mez flying around, so you'll have to change your tactics a bit, or have breakfrees handy always.

I would not slot for END MOD in the Elec attacks; you're a Corrupter, and you're solo. You want to do lots of damage. Buff/debuff strength is not as important now. The exception here being the Energy Manipulator: Chance for Stun piece. It's super cheap and super effective in Ball Lightning and Short Circuit. If you want to later mix in other END MOD sets with DMG sets in your blasts, DO IT. Short Circuit can be slotted beautifully with Efficacy and Multistrike, for example. It does great damage; don't overlook that aspect because it also drains endurance well.

On many of my Rads I slotted only 2 END RDX in RI and EF until the 30s just because I was so slot starved. As a lowbie I tended to use EF more than RI because the faster I could defeat things the easier it was for me to move to the next group, and keeping 2 toggles going at that level is... difficult. I do agree you want max recharge in AM always.

Also keep in mind you are still a wee thing and everyone has the trouble you're having now in some form until the 20s or so. Inspires are your best friend; buy medium and large size at the markets instead of relying on the small versions from vendors.
crantz From: crantz Date: July 7th, 2011 10:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'd been picking things off one by one, but I'm gonna put my mind to herding now. Thank you so much for the slotting advice!

Also, I got those chances for stun and was doing my old ae origin arc and was like 'why, WHY WILL THIS NOT WORK' until I realized I'd had it set to put me at level seven.

I am... brilliant.
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