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Most Requested
  • Screenshots & Camera Angles
  • The LJ Global Chat Channel
  • Where to Pay Base Rent

  • Character Builders
  • Mid's Character Designer: Updated for I9
  • SuckerPunch's Character Planner: no download/install
  • SherkSilver Character Builder: no longer being updated

  • Need to Know
  • Getting on the Test Server
  • Forum Newbie Reference
  • Masterminds: Key Pad Binds
  • Designing A Supergroup Base

  • Villain Guides
  • R_M's I9/I10 XP Gain/Debt Loss Guide
  • R_M's I9/I10 Robotics/Dark Miasma Mastermind Guide
  • R_M's I9/I10 Energy Melee/Energy Aura Brute Guide
  • Eryn's Guide to Pocket D

  • Lists
  • Comprehensive List of Links
  • Brokers, Contacts
  • In-Game Emotes
  • LJ Villain Group Registry

  • More
  • Paragon Wiki
  • Tomax's Guide to CoV
  • Create your LJ Villain Icon
  • Create Your Own Movies