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Villain Commuinty Closed

After the poll and hearing what community members had to say, we have closed this community.

I have updated the Villains community Profile page to reflect this.

All comments from now on will be moderator approved. No new posts after this can be made.

All discussion related to City of Villains, Going Rogue and City of Heroes is allowed in the city_of_heroes community.

The community will remain accessible for trips down memory lane. All the information and knowledge posted here is still available to everyone. You are welcome to link back to posts here when discussing matters in the city_of_heroes community.

It's been a long road for us of the shadier persuasion, but with changes comes plenty of new opportunity for discussion and adventures.

Thanks everyone, and see you at city_of_heroes or in game.
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Vote on Consolidation of the communities

Please take some time to leave your thoughts and vote on the poll in the city_of_heroes community re: consolidation.

This community sees less use over time, and with the advent of side-switching and the ability to start any core AT as hero or villain, we believe it is time to consolidate the communities to city_of_heroes.

But we want to know what you think, so take a moment and vote here on what action we should take.

Thank you.
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Build advice


I posted this to the official forums, but got no reply.

I'm working on a Electric/Radiation Corruptor. She's level 13 now and as things are getting harder as I go along, I realize now I must stop and ask what I can be doing to make her into a killing machine.

Right now I want to focus on something that can do solo, because I don't plan on bringing her into pentacle stuff until she's in her twenties, at which point I'll focus on making her more team-oriented.

What powers should I concentrate on most, for starters? And some strategy tips?

What do you suggest, citizens?


Issue 21: Convergence Overview

Issue 21: Convergence is the inaugural game content issue for City of Heroes Freedom™. Issue 21: Convergence gives you the fantastic game content that you expect from City of Heroes, and includes a new zone, giant monsters, an Incarnate Trial, a power set, costume sets, and a new starting experience.

Read all about it on the site above and discuss it on the COH community.


Announcing City of Heroes Freedom and Issue 21: Convergence!
City of Heroes Freedom™will be launching later this year and will be the new name forCity of Heroes®. City of Heroes Freedom redefines City of Heroes based on the cornerstones of content, rewards, and choice. With City of Heroes Freedom, you will get the freedom to play and pay as you choose. Join the future of City of Heroes inCity of Heroes Freedom. Freedom is the future!

Read all about it at the website and discuss it on the COH community.
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This could be important news...

...and, as I noted over on the good-twin comm, I seem to be the only one who's incautious enough to be optimistic about it.

X-posted from the blue comm; as per standard policy wot I were reminded of last time I x-posted, please to be taking comments there, for that you can't put 'em here.
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(no subject)

Hello! I have a bit of help to ask for, in naming a character:

Collapse )

She's an ice/fire dominator. I know she's a demon and I was gonna call her Pepperfrost until I remembered my *other* demon was named Peppermint Shake, so I need something without Pepper in it now and I am frankly feeling very very braindead when it comes to names lately.


Thanks for all the help! I went with Chilifrost, combining some suggestions.
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A request for company

Hello! This saturday (Tomorrow! I plan to start at 2 pm central/3 pm EST) I am going to be doing the arcs of Vincent Ross and Dean MacArthur (possibly that Wade chap too, if I'm not tired) on Infinity.

I was wondering if anyone would like to come along and help me! See, I am still new to using Dominators, and that's the AT I'll be using for these arcs. So some help would be really appreciated, especially to help ease the pain of being pre-SOs.

I will be on Peppermint Shake/@Oxomoco

That is all. Thank you for your time!

edit: oh son of a monkey. I hit the dominator tag by accident, when I was doing a letter search for server and now the post won't let me take it off. D: Mods, don't judge me.
edit2: it's a christmas miracle! All fixed

The Pentacle Coalition: Going Global!

With the announcement that global server access is imminent (coming May 3rd SOONTM!) I wanted to extend an invitation to all of our European partners in crime to join the Pentacle Coalition, on the Infinity Server.

The Pentacle Coalition is the undisputed king of LiveJournal's villainous supergroups. We are coming up on our own 5 year anniversary in June, and we've been going strong with regularly scheduled events and general mayhem all that time.

We are made up of eight supergroups - one for each of the core villain AT's, one for Soldiers of Arachnos, one for all hero AT's, and one for reservists. All of these groups (except the reserves) have fully stocked bases with all the comforts and conveniences. You'll also find our group full of helpful and generous (well, for villains anyway) folks who can help you get your new life of crime in the New World off to a quick start.

Regular teaming is held every Sunday, 1pm-4pm Eastern US time (GMT -5, so it would be 18:00-22:00 for the UK folks). We usually have two full teams, sometimes a third team, running on our Sunday gatherings. In addition, it's often easy to find teams at all hours, every day of the week, by using the LiveJournal global channel (which you should all join as well!) or the Pentacle's coalition chat channel.

Find out more about us at our community - cov_pentacle - any of our members can invite you, so just send a shout out on the LiveJournal global channel, or send me an in-game email or tell at @Quasadu and I will arrange a time for me or one of our other members to meet up with you for an invite.

Join us!
Red Alert

Evil LLC. External Job Posting ... (Virtue Strike Force)

Evil LLC. is seeking motivated individuals across the Isles to help with an important matter. Details will be given to qualified applicants.

(( and since you're all qualified ...))

The LLC is running a Kal TF (Yep. We're stealing some flames of prometheus!) this Saturday. Time to be nailed down, but start is probably 6pm - 6:30pm EST (-5 GMT). Level 20-40 range, fully open recruitment drive, and you get a permanent-until-50 "Flames of Prometheus" temp power out of the deal - which turns into a Notice of the Well when you get to 50. Not to mention sweet bonus XP or a Notice for being the SF Target this week. (And no, I don't know if it stacks : I have no clue what happens when a 50 gets flames.)

(( ... this is the first time in the history of us trying to pull together a CoV run that we have actually heavily overbooked. Congrats! Virtue really DOES have a villian side! ))

1) @Incredible Lag
2) @FireBhunny
3) (Possibly) @Arctic Fhax
4) @vengefulwraith
5) @falkynne
6) @thea anastasis
7) @Oroborous
8) @dvandom


1) @Noxilicious
2) (+her friend)
3) @wyrdwitch
4) @polarsnow
5) @Captain Bishie
6) @elliondrk